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Grip Puppies BIG PAW Universal Handlebar Overgrips


  • Over Grip – Fits over standard grips
  • Soft, squeezable, and tactile grip that provides greater riding comfort
  • Reduces engine vibrations felt through handlebars
  • Made of a special high tech material that is UV, ozone, and oxidation resistant
  • Designed to work well with heated grips
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Motorcycle Insight is the US Importer / Distributor for Grip Puppy
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Grip Puppy BIG PAWS are the fastest, easiest, least expensive way to make your motorcycle more comfortable and your ride more enjoyable. They are ‘over grips’ that are specially designed to be installed over top of your existing handlebar grips. Each Grip Puppy is constructed of a unique, precision engineered foam that is both soft & squeezable for comfort, and durable and UV resistant for years of use. They are built for use in the sun and in the rain and will not retain water or get slippery (on the bars or on your hands) when wet.

    • Designed to reduce vibrations and make holding handlebars more comfortable.
    • Each Grip is hand finished to provide enhanced grip/texture.
    • The ends of the grips are hand radiused for a neat, comfortable rounded finish, and to wear better over time.
    • They work well with heated grips.
    • Rock solid when installed, a simple and very effective solution

These larger Original Grip Puppies install over most motorcycles with larger diameter handlebars installed on Harley Davidson, Indian, and other heavy cruisers. They install over 1″ handlebar grips with a diameter between 1.45″ (3.68cm) and 1.65″ (4.19cm).

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in